first coffeeshop in romania where you can pay in crypto


The online place where you write and you get free tokens to share with others

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Tutorial section on how to create an account on our portal, how to get your own free address where you can receive tokens, download interface (wallet) and how to start to deliver content.

Token Distribution

Token Smart Contract information and Explorer. You will see how easy it is to use the blockchain techology and how you can track all your actions using simple tools on the web.

Who & Why

See who is behind all this and what you can do to make it better. Who we are and what is the catch with this will be uncovered to you by your own education into this field.

Get free coffee with your proof or write tokens

Crypto Coffe Addresses

Send us your Eleu (ELEU) tokens using the TLOS Network. Use the address below. 

Send us Bitcoin (BTC) using the Bitcoin Network. Use the address below. (Contact us for the Lightning Network Channel)

Send us Ethereum (ETH) using the Ethereum Network. Use the address below:

Tools for Coffee & Writing addiction

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Browse through articles and meet the content creators.

Coffee COrner

Where to get best coffee in your town

Visit us. Use old money ( Fiat / Credit Card ) or new money ( Crypto ) on the spot. Enjoy!